Barn Owl Sightings

About the map

Each of the blue owl icons shown on the map represents an individual barn owl sighting.  The map is powered by Google Maps so adding a sighting is simple as the map allows you to zoom in and pinpoint an accurate location.  If you are regularly seeing the same owl please only mark it once on the map and make a note in the comments section to tell us that you regularly see this bird.

The data collected will be used by Trust conservation staff to help inform the direction of our efforts for barn owls in the county.  Any personal details you supply such as name and email address will be stored on our secure database and not shared with any third parties.  The details of your sighting may be passed to the Suffolk Biological Information Service and the British Trust for Ornithology who oversee the national barn owl monitoring programme.

Submit your own

If you have been lucky enough to spot a barn owl, please let us know by marking your sighting on the map.  Your records will help us identify opportunities to target action in terms of providing nest boxes and creating or improving habitat for Suffolk’s barn owls.